Ibiza in Spain is famous for its nightlife, but it’s also so much more than parties. Find out what to do in Ibiza that isn’t a party in this guide. Ibiza gets overlooked for its beaches and countryside because of the major focus of the superclubs. The Balearic island is actually full of things to do in the off-season, and you can fill a holiday without stepping foot in a club. Find out where to visit stunning beaches, historic towns, and natural wonders.

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Discover what to do in Ibiza that isn't a party. Some of the best things to do in Ibiza in the off season are visit Es Vedra and hang out at the beaches


One of the best things to do in Ibiza that isn’t a party is to visit Es Vedrá. The Island of Es Vedrá is located off the west coast of Ibiza. Es Vedrá is a huge rock that rears out of the sea; the small island is rough and uninhabited. It’s a mammoth in the sea and has many myths and legends surrounding it. The most notable myth is that it was at Es Vedrá that the sirens tried to sing Ulysses to his death in the Odyssey.

Es Vedrá is also reported to be the third most magnetic place in the world (not confirmed), this is after the north pole and the Bermuda Triangle. People do report strange energy and there are reports of navigational instruments not working near the island. It gets stranger with many reported sightings of UFOs above the island by fishermen. Other legends say the goddess of Ibiza, Tanit, lives there, or that it is the last remaining part of Atlantis. Whatever it is, the majesty of it encourages stories and legends.

If you’re wondering where to see Es Vedrá there are two popular vantage points. You can see it from Cala d’Hort if you want to lounge on the beach and relax. An alternative is a drive down a dirt road and then a hike along the cliffs to the best vantage spot to see it. Put into your GPS Torre des Savinar. This will get you close with unobstructed views. This is also where you can watch the sunset over Es Vedrá with a picnic and drinks.

Discover what to do in Ibiza that isn't a party. Ibiza is much more than just super clubs. Discover the best beaches in Ibiza and the best things to do on the Island.


The Balearic Islands have a long history with pirates. Due to this, there are many ancient, rock watchtowers scattered along the coast of Ibiza. If you’re deciding what to do in Ibiza in the off-season then these can be a fun activity.

One of the best known pirate watchtowers in Ibiza is the Torre des Savinar. The tower is in good condition and you can visit inside if you pay three euros. It’s small enough that getting inside is not absolutely necessary, especially as it’s usually closed in the off-season.

This is the same location where you can see Es Vedrá. It’s just a further hike/climb from the Es Vedrá viewing point up the hill. Once up the top, you have amazing views of Es Vedrá, the pirate tower and the cliffs of the Ibiza coastline. It’s a beautiful place for photos and seeing the beauty of Ibiza away from the hectic nightlife that makes it famous.

The best things to do in Ibiza in the off-season. There are many fun activities that don't involve clubbing.


I know this guide is all about what to do in Ibiza that isn’t a party, and I promise this still fits with this guide. Festival Club should be added to any exploring or off-season adventures in Ibiza. Festival club in Ibiza is an abandoned superclub in the hills above San Jose. The club was opened in 1972 to cater to the package holiday crowd. They were bussed up to the club for dinner and entertainment. One of the rumours is that Bob Marley even visited the superclub. The abandoned superclub in Ibiza has sat empty since 1974 when it closed due to financial issues.

The club is now an abandoned ruin covered in graffiti. When it operated it had an outdoor restaurant, large amphitheatre for live acts, different rooms for different music and art experiences and a fake bull ring. You can still see many of these places if you visit the abandoned club. The graffiti is almost art now and the ruin is in a quiet residential area of the hills in Ibiza. It’s a fascinating place to explore due to history and visuals.

Disclaimer: Festival club is an unsupervised ruin. This means some of the structures are not sound and there are building materials everywhere. It is your own responsibility to decide if you want to visit the ruin and subject yourself to any risks. Please be cautious and exercise extreme care. Please also be mindful of the residential area you are visiting. This is not a party place and visitors must be respectful.

Festival Club is an abandoned super club in Ibiza.


There are many pretty beaches in Ibiza. Relaxing with the white sand and blue water is one of the best things to do in Ibiza. Even in the off-season when it’s colder the beaches are pretty to explore. The Balearic Islands are usually warmer than the mainland, so you may still get a beach day even in April.

To get to a lot of them a car is best, especially if you’re visiting in the off-season when there are fewer people to cater to. A lot of them have cafes and restaurants close by, or you can bring your own picnic. For some recommendations, you can check out Cala Comte for beautiful blue water, Cala d’Hort for Es Vedrá views, and Cala San Vicente for more space, soft sand and easy swimming.

Ibiza has some of the best beaches in Spain. Find out where the best beach are in Ibiza.


One of the best things to do in Ibiza is to watch a sunset at Café del Mar or Café Mambo. This can be as relaxed or as exciting as you feel. These two cafes are famous for their sunset sessions with chilled tunes, cold drinks and great views. Watching the sunset over the Mediterranean is a bucket list moment and Café del Mar has the perfect vibes for the perfect sunset.

The café has tables on a boardwalk overlooking the rocky shore and the sea. Pull up a seat and get ready for the spectacular colours of a Med sunset. Sometimes there will be a busker who does fire twirling or circus tricks. People gather on the rocks with drinks and DJs spin the decks creating the perfect mood. You can even order dinner to accompany your sunset moment (it’s pretty pricy).

One of the best things to do in Ibiza is to watch the sunset from Cafe Del Mar.
Discover what to do in Ibiza. Catching a sunset over the Mediterranean at Cafe Del Mar is one of the best things to do in Ibiza


A great thing to do in Ibiza is to visit one of the beach clubs. These range from open-air clubs with music, drinks and food to relaxed beach houses perfect for spending the day by the water and eating amazing food. The bigger ones will have a pool and all of them have a beach. You can hire sun lounges for the day, or even hammocks.

Beach Clubs are a relaxed way to have a good time in Ibiza while still having a beach day. This is also one of the things you can do in the off-season in Ibiza as they will usually open a long time before the actual superclubs and nightclubs open in Ibiza.

Some of the best beach clubs in Ibiza are Elements Ibiza (drumming at sunset), Nassau Beach Club (great food and great beach), O Beach Ibiza (if you’re feeling like tanning by the pool, but still want to party), and Amante (ocean views, great food, and yoga in the morning).

Visiting a Beach club in Ibiza can be one of the best things to do on the Island. It's an easy way to relax while listening to great music and eating delicious food.


One of the things to do in Ibiza that isn’t a party is to explore Ibiza Town, specifically the Old Town. Ibiza Town is the perfect Spanish Island old town.  The streets are narrow and full of character, perfect for wandering and exploring.

At the top of the hill on the headland is the citadel Dalt Vila. This fortified citadel has been around for over 2500 years and has seen many different cultures and people from the Moors to the Romans. People still live within its walls and there’s a museum exhibit about its history.

Alternatively just wander the old cobbled streets marvelling at the ancient, white stone houses and fashionable Ibiza boutiques. During the summer months, there’s a night market where you can find some alternative and handmade Ibiza souvenirs. In this area, there are many great bars and restaurants where you can try Spain’s famous tapas and rice dishes and relax with cool drinks and good music. Exploring Ibiza Old Town is a perfect activity to do In the off-season.

Ibiza old town is one of the best places to explore in Ibiza. Make sure you add Ibiza old town to your list of places to visit.


Ibiza is famous for its boutiques, handmade souvenirs and fashion labels. The fashionable Spanish Island is perfect for shopping for your next outfit or stylish homeware. A lot of it can be handmade in Ibiza, so you can feel good about supporting local artisans.

The fashion style varies hugely in Ibiza, catering to whatever holiday you’re after. You can buy the skimpiest clothes you can find, expensive resort ware, big brands, or hippy, bohemian clothing. That’s one of the great things about Ibiza, anyone and anything fits into the eclectic scene.

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Discover what to do in Ibiza in the Off season. Ibiza has many great things to do.
The best things in Ibiza when you don't want to party. Discover beautiful beaches and hidden gems in Ibiza