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Europe, France

Exploring The Bordeaux Wine Region

We explored the Bordeaux wine region in spring and it was a beautiful experience. The vineyards were perfect rows of vines and the wildflowers were blooming in stunning profusion. Fields of flowers spread beside French cottages with coloured shutters and surrounded picturesque villages. The wine was filled with floral notes and the cheese oozed with flavour. Bordeaux and its wine region are a region of France that you have to visit.

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Find out why you should visit Positano in Autumn. The best time to visit Positano is Autumn for weather and less people
Europe, Italy

Positano In Autumn

Positano is a stunning, picture-perfect town on the Amalfi coast in Italy. Positano in autumn, especially in October, is just as photogenic and well worth visiting as the busy peak season of summer. Imagine the ochre hued buildings stacked upon each other on the steep mountain slopes, the lights glittering in the cool evenings, and the gentle rush of the waves on the black sand beach.

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8 of the easiest ethical and sustainable travel toiletries. Here's a list of easy changes you can make to be sustainable when you travel.
Europe, Sustainable Travel, Travel Tips, Travellife

8 Of The Easiest Sustainable And Ethical Travel Toiletries

One of the most important things you can do as a traveller is to be sustainable and ethical with your travel practices. There are many ways to do this, and one area that can be so important and easy to be sustainable in is your travel toiletries. Millions of plastics are sent to landfill each year, and many of these are single-use. Our oceans and ecosystems are under threat due to our simple toiletry practices, which we have taken for granted for so many years.

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Europe, Hungary

The Best Restaurants in Budapest

If you’re after an amazing foodie experience then Budapest is where you need to go. The best restaurants in Budapest are some of the best in the world with a mix of innovation, hearty home cooking and fashionable brunch locations.

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14 Amazing Travel Hacks From A Travel Agent. Find out how to book you travel for the best value for money
Travel Tips, Travellife, What To Do

14 Amazing Travel Hacks From A Travel Agent

I’ve worked in the travel industry for almost ten years now. I thought I’d share some travel hacks with you guys on how to save yourself money while booking travel and ensuring you get the best deal, but also the best value for money. I’ve worked as a travel agent in three different countries. The preferred destinations might change, but the rules for finding travel deals still remain the same. Travelling is a huge passion of mine. My number one goal as an agent is to have customers who get their best value for money, but also, have a fun and stress-free experience. So let’s check out the travel hacks I’ve learnt through my career.

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Copenhagen, Europe

The Best Foodie Experiences In Copenhagen

You can find some of the best foodie experiences in the world in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It’s a hub for gastronomic delights that will wow all your senses from the taste, smell and sight. Copenhagen’s restaurants lead the world with innovation and the movements of slow food and ethical food practices. If you’re after the foodie experience of a lifetime then check out these great restaurants in Copenhagen.

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Europe, Finland

Best Winter Activities in Lapland, Finland

Lapland in winter is a land of frozen lakes and fairytale snow-covered forests. It’s a magical place, with many winter activities for any traveller or holiday style. Lapland is above the arctic circle in Northern Finland and is home to the Northern Lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. During winter it becomes a winter wonderland, of snow and super short daylight hours. After spending a week in Lapland I fell in love with the landscape and the Finnish people. There are many winter activities to get involved with, in Lapland, Finland, so make sure you add it to your bucket list. 

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The winning monument at Las Fallas festival in Spain
Europe, Spain

The Ultimate Guide to Las Fallas Festival in Spain

What is Las Fallas Festival in Spain? It is, one of the best festivals I have ever been too. The festival goes for a few weeks, but the major excitement is usually over five days at the end. It is full of energy, magical statues that blow your mind, fireworks, and fire, lots of fire. The whole premise of Las Fallas is the building of a gigantic statue/monument, and then on the last night, they light it on fire with fireworks and burn it to the ground while playing classical music. There’s so much to see and do, and it is a uniquely Spanish cultural experience.

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What To Do In Barcelona For Christmas
Europe, Spain

What To Do In Barcelona For Christmas

Many people come to Barcelona to escape the cold during the Christmas period, but it’s also a great place to enjoy an alternative holiday experience. There are many things to do in Barcelona for Christmas, from beautiful Christmas markets to wandering through the sparkling Christmas lights. Come and enjoy the festive spirit while enjoying tapas, vermouth, and sunshine.

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