Dinner at Les Filles in Barcelona

Down a tiny side street off the mammoth Avenue Diagonal is a secret garden. Designed as an oasis in the heart of the bustle of Barcelona it is a stolen moment of tranquillity. During the day the trees grow shade, and as dusk falls the lights turn on and the magic of the garden comes to life.

Les Filles is an open-air restaurant on the edge of the vibrant suburb of Gracia in Barcelona. The food is a mix of Asian and Mediterranean with a focus on clean and fresh ingredients tying it all together. You can indulge in a lasagne or curry. Fresh juices are available along with organic wines and they have a large selection of hearty salads. The menu is perfect for either brunch, lunch or dinner.

I’ve walked past Les Filles for months. The garden peeks over the wall, and gaps in the wood give glimpses of tables tucked amongst the greenery. It enticed my imagination. I’ve always loved secret gardens, especially during a warm evening in beautiful Barcelona. There’s a sense of magic and a promise of long conversations and good food.

Les Filles is one of the best open air restaurants in Barcelona

During this uncertain time of Covid-19, a garden restaurant in the middle of the city has become a popular escape for the residents. Fresh air feels safer and the tables are spaced apart further than the minimum 1.5 meters required. It’s a strange time, but the breeze and space make normality seem just a little bit closer.

When we walk into the restaurant the light is golden and fading. Aromatic herbs line the entry, filling the air with the scents of mint, rosemary and sage. We’re seated under the roof giving us a full view of the garden filled with lights and tables.

I choose the vegetarian lasagne and my husband goes for a Mediterranean salad. The food when it arrives is vibrant and fresh. Lots of bright reds and greens and the flavours are rich and left to speak for themselves.

entre at Les Filles in Barcelona
Dinner at Les Filles in Barcelona
Dinner at Les Filles in Barcelona

Night has fallen while we eat our dinner and spend a normal moment lost in time. The fairy lights are twinkling their magic, and the scents of herbs are growing stronger with the deepening of the shadows. Les Filles in Barcelona has been a haven for a few hours during this crazy year.

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Discover the perfect secret garden restaurant in Barcelona. Les Filles is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. The outdoor dining in the garden is perfect for summer weather in Barcelona.