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8 of the easiest ethical and sustainable travel toiletries. Here's a list of easy changes you can make to be sustainable when you travel.
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8 Of The Easiest Sustainable And Ethical Travel Toiletries

One of the most important things you can do as a traveller is to be sustainable and ethical with your travel practices. There are many ways to do this, and one area that can be so important and easy to be sustainable in is your travel toiletries. Millions of plastics are sent to landfill each year, and many of these are single-use. Our oceans and ecosystems are under threat due to our simple toiletry practices, which we have taken for granted for so many years.

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14 Amazing Travel Hacks From A Travel Agent. Find out how to book you travel for the best value for money
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14 Amazing Travel Hacks From A Travel Agent

I’ve worked in the travel industry for almost ten years now. I thought I’d share some travel hacks with you guys on how to save yourself money while booking travel and ensuring you get the best deal, but also the best value for money. I’ve worked as a travel agent in three different countries. The preferred destinations might change, but the rules for finding travel deals still remain the same. Travelling is a huge passion of mine. My number one goal as an agent is to have customers who get their best value for money, but also, have a fun and stress-free experience. So let’s check out the travel hacks I’ve learnt through my career.

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